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Okay folks so here we are in the early planning stages of Off Road Aotearoa! Exciting stuff!

After a tricky year dealing with some injuries and migrating over to Queenstown New Zealand we are finally on track and planning our first big adventure on the new website!

So here is the proposal for the latest expedition:

Off Road Aotearoa a Bikepacking Tour of New Zealand

Leaving February 2017 I intend to ride  a solo, unsupported mountain bike tour across both islands of New Zealand. Starting in Queenstown I will ride mountain bike trails and back roads down to Slope Point the most Southerly point of the South Island. Then I will wind my way around the coast then up and over the Southern Alps taking in as many of the Great Rides as I can. Upon reaching Picton I will take the ferry across to the North  Island and cycle up the centre of the country again taking in as many of the Great Rides as possible all the way to Cape Reinga,  the most Northerly point.

By my mapping of the route, the South Island section will be approximately 2,635km with a total elevation gain of 40,500m. The North Island section will be approximately 1,569km with a total elevation gain of 17,400m. Bringing my total tour at a whopping;

4,200+ km ride with 57,900m of total elevation gain!

That is the equivalent of cycling up Mount Everest six and a half times! And only 300km shorter than the Continental Tour Divide Mountain Bike Route.

This is going to be the longest solo trip I have undertaken and I will be keeping you all updated from the early planning stages and my training through to updates during the expedition.

Follow for updates and for more info as well as tips for planning your own trips/expeditions.

South Island Section Map
North Island Section Map