What’s in the Bag? Summer Session.

Bikepacking is all about keeping it light. Ultralight is even better and a great buzzword at the moment. So here we have the ultralight guide to what to carry on a short summer biking trip, be it a few cheeky laps in the bikepark, half day enduro session to quick after-work trail ride. This is the Adventurefuel, ‘What’s in the Bag?’


First up is the bag itself, I’m sporting a pretty small (1.5l) Beyond Atlantis this has a 1l CamelBak in there as well. Depending on the temperature this is usually plenty of water for short ride and I can always take another bottle or two on the bike frame if needed. An important point for buying a bag is to be sure to have chest and waist straps! This will keep the bag nice and secure no matter what the terrain.


Inside said bag I have, going from clockwise from top right;

Rain Jacket. This is my slightly older Epic Prototype Rain Jacket, packs super light but isn’t the most breathable but is very windproof and good for a quick shower.

Sunglasses and Suncream. As you may or may not know I am of gingerish complexion. So regardless of where I’m riding I will always keep this handy. Most of my riding is in New Zealand and thanks to a lack of Ozone layer we have to take this pretty seriously.

Camera. My Camera for the next few rides is the Olympus Tough 6000. I have destroyed many a camera in my travels (including waterproof and shock-proof ones) so I will see how this lasts. This is optional if your phone has a good camera and some good battery life.

Snacks. Your choice based on taste and hunger levels. Expect a lot more info on this in coming blogs but since we keeping this an ultralight blog I have gone for a nut based cereal bar.


OK next up is the hardware!

I carry a mini-tool kit that I usually have attached to the bike (I will do a full bike bag round-up in the future) but this the basics I never travel without.

Birzman Freexman Multitool. This is the smaller of their range but has all I have ever required; an assortment of Allan keys, both screwdrivers, the star key for disc brake rotors, chain-splitter and a spoke key. Overall a very light and perfectly functional piece.

Tyre lever. This one I would say is optional depending how good you are getting tyres off. I’m riding tubeless tires at the moment and they are seriously tight!

Leatherman Wave. This is the more comprehensive Leatherman I usuallly use the Skeletool (unfortunately lost along the Motutapu Race) but this one is great with some really strong pliers and wirecutters.


‘Spares’ the delicate balance between the over cautious and the gambling man. You can’t fight Sod’s Law (or Murphy’s Law depending where you’re from) but you will always need the one thing you left behind. This is my very minimum of things to take on the trail.

Baggie of bits and bobs. In here I have a plethora of spare bolts for almost every part from rotor bolts to pedal screws to brake pad screws. No need to go mad but they don’t weigh much and will probably come in useful. Absolute must however is the Shimano Quick Links! Vital for that snapped chain to stop you walking home!

Spare inner tube. Even if your riding tubeless a spare tube can be chucked in if you slice your sidewall. I have also wrapped a couple of cable ties into the mix (always useful)

Little pot of grease. Not vital but can be useful to get rid of those annoying squeaks. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have.

Rear mech hanger. This one isn’t too important on a small ride because you can always ride home single speed, but on a longer ride or multiday this little baby will keep you shifting even if you mangle you derailer. This is a personal one for me as I have bent numerous hangers and even more derailers so now I like to have one at hand.

Also carried but not shown is a bike pump wrapped with duct tape. For one thing it makes you look super cool and duct tape can fix anything if mixed with cable ties and imagination.

OK folks that’s my very brief ultralight Adventurefuel ‘What’s in the Bag?’

Anything I missed? Leave a comment below.


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